As I stated in my previous post, this government has led a concerted effort to portray the poor, sick, disabled and unemployed as the “underclass” of society, and therefore be considered as a burden to the state. What has made this situation worse is the state-sponsored vilification of the underclass, namely, US. This has been achieved by the use of the media, for example the BBC and the Daily Mail, or as some people would like to call it, the Daily Flail or the Daily Heil, as in Heil Hitler. It is not just the newspapers that have launched an attack on us, namely, anyone who isn’t part of the “underclass” has attacked us as they have been led to believe that we are a burden and a drain on society and should be killed off. These people are nothing more than SHEEPLE that have been spoon-fed a lie and believed it lock, stock and barrel. This “state-sponsored” attack by the media and the government in order to push through their “reforms” is nothing more than an attempt to kill off the weakest so that only the strongest survive, which is similar to euthanasia.

Some years ago an attempt was made to make euthanasia legal in this country. It was called a “Living Will”. It’s original intention was for the person who was ill would make a will stating that if their illness got to a point where either they or their relatives could no longer look after that person then they should be allowed to die. It is nothing more than state-sponsored suicide. In certain countries throughout europe a person who is either ill or terminally ill can go to a clinic in that country to end their life. One such place is called Dignitas in Switzerland. This government hasn’t brought anything like this in. YET! It’s only a matter of time before we see these clinics opening all over the country in order to facilitate the removal of this underclass of society.

If you are wondering why I keep using this phrase is because that is the way they see us, an underclass and as far as they are concerned we always will be! All you have to do is watch television, read a newspaper, listen to the radio, even on social networking sites and in the street. No matter where you go you’ll find it there.



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