According to some sources, the word siege has mainly military applications, for example laying siege to a city. It can also mean against a class of people. In 1992 when John Major was Prime Minister he wanted to create a “classless” society with his “Back to Basics” programme.

Obviously, that didn’t work.

Since this government DIDN’T come to power, they have laid siege to the poor, sick, disabled and unemployed by bringing in what they called benefit “reforms” which are anything but. In fact, since these “reforms” have been brought in, over 10,600 people have died as a direct result. Now, the Work Capability Assessment or WCA, was first brought in by New Labour but at that time the system was managed properly even though ATOS were the company contracted to carry out the assessments. But since the Conservatives took over, with Ian Duncan Smith at the helm of the DWP, they have gone out of their way to victimise, bully, harass, and with the help of ATOS, drive over 10,600 people to despair and suicide! This is nothing more than genocide plain and simple. Cameron seems to think that people on benefits are “scroungers”. They are anything but! There are disabled people who can work but can’t due to places like Remploy being shut down and then there are disabled people who can’t work because their condition is so bad.

Unfortunately there are a small minority who try to play the system, whereby claiming they are disabled when they are anything but. These are the people the DWP should be going after, not the genuine ones. The problem is that all sick and disabled people have been tarred with the same brush, so to speak, that all of us are “scroungers”. The problem with that is that of all the money that is set aside for benefits, most of it goes towards the state pension. Only a small amount, around 0.7%, is lost due to benefit fraud. IDS would have us all believe that what he is doing is redressing the balance. HE’S NOT! NEVER HAS BEEN & NEVER WILL!

This WAR ON WELFARE to give it a proper name, is Cameron’s way of dismantling the Welfare State. He’s already trying to privatise the NHS, the Royal Mail, and anything else that he can get his grubby little hands on that don’t belong to him. The NHS doesn’t belong to him to do with as he sees fit, which is to privatise, nor does the Royal Mail, which has been in the public domain for around 450 years.  NONE of the services he has recently privatised belong to him, but he wants his business buddies to have a slice of the pie at the public’s expense. What he wants for this country is for every service to be in the private sector. That way, him and his cronies will be able to cream off massive profits from the top and leave nothing left of use for the rest of us, that is, if we can afford it, which we won’t. This is what Cameron REALLY wants!

The question we need to ask ourselves is this: Are we going to let him get away with it, or are we going to fight every step of the way to stop him and kick him out in 2015. I know what my answer is, but what’s yours?



2 thoughts on “THE SIEGE OF BRITAIN

  1. Am so very proud of you babe for starting your new blog together we will be a force to be reckoned with and give voice and stance for the People, sick, disabled, poor and vulnerable in Solidarty. I Love you babe 🙂 xxx

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