Over the past couple of years it has come to my attention that the media has been charged with harassing, bullying, slandering and general misrepresentation of the plight of the poor. In using that phrase I am referring also to low paid workers besides the poor, sick, disabled and unemployed. This government has used the services of the media as its own beating stick and has consistently tried to beat us into submission with it. It wasn’t always this way though. Some time ago the media would highlight a particular story in order to bring it out in the open and inspire people and organisations to help, but nowadays all we hear of is the incessant whining of the poor and their lot.

Do you think people like being like this? NO, they don’t. They damn well hate it! But the government, especially this Tory Government, have made it their mission to ruin the country any way they can and the easiest way for them is to pick on the weakest and take them out of the equation.  

They have done this by spouting their “skivers & strivers” rhetoric for the past three years or so. Unfortunately, for the most part, people have believed them.  As a direct result there has been a rise in what is known as “Disability Hate Crime”, or DHC for short. We have all heard reports, whether in the papers or television, of disabled people being harassed or attacked in the street simply because they are disabled.

I speak from experience because one day this happened to me and my fiancée while were in town at the chemists and we were picking up our prescriptions. The looks we got from people because we are both disabled and were in severe pain and wanted to get out of there and get home as fast as we could. We were made to feel as if we didn’t belong there. That we didn’t have a right to medication if we got ill. I am ashamed sometimes to think of classing myself as English is this is all we have to look forward to, the constant hate campaign that is being driven along by the media and instigated by this conservative government.  



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