It has been brought to my attention by someone I know, whose identity shall remain anonymous, that there has been fracking taking place in and around Hampshire. As far as I know, there are five sites in and around the Winchester area. These are as follows:

North of Southampton, stretching east from North Baddesley to the A3051

North of Winchester, from Kings Worthy west almost to Stockbridge

Further north, reaching from Chilbolton west to Amport

East of Winchester, underneath Hampage Wood

Stretching west, from Hinton, in the New Forest

From east of Fareham, stretching east

East from the Hambledon area (2 licences)

We all know about Fracking, or Hydraulic Fracturing to use it’s proper name. It involves drilling boreholes several hundred metres below the earth’s surface, both vertically and then horizontally, in order to extract shale gas found in fissures far below the earth’s surface.

Now I can understand in some ways why we need to find other ways of finding gas onshore as opposed to offshore. The offshore reserves are starting to run out, and if we don’t do something now there will come a day when we have no gas reserves left at all. That means that we will have to import our gas from other countries who could charge exorbitant prices, as in the case when Russia tried to shut off the pipelines going into the Ukraine.

The problem that I have, personally, are environmental concerns. What about the impact on the environment, the potential contamination of the water table, the minor earth tremors and the increase in seismic activity in the area, to name just a few!



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