Atos workers vote for industrial action

You couldn’t make this up, could you. Absolute classic!

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You know things have come to a pretty pass when the government’s own hit squad plans to strike against low pay.

It seems Atos workers who are members of the PCS union have voted for industrial action after they rejected below-inflation and conditional pay offers from their employer.

This is the company that is under contract to receive £1.6 billion from the UK government, to carry out the hated Work Capability Assessments for the Department for Work and Pensions, mark you.

According to PCS, members working for Atos IT Services and in Atos Healthcare voted to support strike action by a proportion of more than 80 per cent. More than 90 per cent supported action short of a strike.

A union spokesperson said: “As we demonstrated in 2012, members have shown they are prepared to support their elected representatives and defend their interests. Atos should be under no illusions…

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2 thoughts on “Atos workers vote for industrial action

  1. An ATOS vice president stated on SkyTV news that his staff were living in fear of those claimants they had to interview for the WCA. Nobody challenged this ‘opinion’ so once again, ATOS and the DWP engage in smearing, lies and propaganda in order to achieve their ends. This foul company and the foul DWP, a prpagandised unit of the Third Reich should be ousted immediately

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