An Open Letter To IDS by the victims of his policies

My fiancée spotted this earlier on wordpress written by Lynne Maguire and showed it to me and on the letter it said to publish it. Well, here goes! I think this goes for all of us, don’t you think?

An Open Letter To IDS


Dear Mr Duncan Smith,

Since this government have declared that it is illegal to assist in a suicide so that sufferers of certain illnesses must prolong their life to the bitter end, even though they don’t wish to, can you please explain to me why you are allowed to let people die whether they want to or not?

Dignitas and other organisations can give people a choice to die with dignity, without starving or freezing to death if they wish this to happen. And whilst your government have put in place an end of life care package, it nowhere near meets the same quality of end of life as that of those organisations. In fact, it is based on starving people to death which can take days. There is no dignity in that.

It is quite possible that those people who would wish to end their lives are claiming some kind of benefit.

By taking away the money they need, you are placing them in a very dangerous situation. They will eat or they will heat their homes, but they will not be able to do both. It is a very stark choice to have to make. If they eat, they will freeze to death and if they heat their home then they will almost definitely starve to death. Some people will probably make this choice anyway as you have made it so impossible to continue with their life as it is.

Have you no shame in what you are doing? Is there such a thing as a moral compass within the deepest recesses of your soul? I suspect not! After what I and many others have seen and heard of your utter contempt for those less fortunate than yourself, you have gone out of your way to victimise, harass, bully, intimidate and drive people to suicide with your policies. Both you and Esther McVey will have to answer for what you have done to the Court of Human Rights.

The time is coming, and soon, when you and your cronies will be driven out of office, hopefully never to return again. If there is any person with an ounce of sense in their head they will make damn sure that you and your ilk are never voted back into power again. Ever!

A concerned victim of your policies.







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