I have found this little nugget of information from someone I know on Facebook and have re-printed here in full. It is David Cameron’s Pre-election Speech of 2010, his “Contract” as he calls it, with the people. This was BEFORE he won the election by the back door.

“We go into the general election on 6 May with trust in politics and politicians at an all-time low. And I can understand why: the years of broken promises, the expenses scandal, the feeling that politicians have become too remote from the people — they’ve all taken their toll.”

“That’s why I’m making this contract with you.”

“For too long, you’ve been lied to by politicians saying they can sort out all your problems. But it doesn’t work like that. Real change is not just about what the government does. Real change only comes when we understand that we are all in this together; that we all have a responsibility to help make our country better. This contract sets out my side of the bargain: the things I want to do to change Britain. But it also makes clear that I cannot do it on my own. We will only get our economy moving, mend our broken society and reform our rotten political system if we all get involved, take responsibility, and work together.”

“So this is our contract with you. I want you to read it and — if we win the election — use it to hold us to account. If we don’t deliver our side of the bargain, vote us out in five years’ time.”

“We will change politics.”

“Our political system needs to change. Politicians must be made more accountable, and we must take power away from Westminster and put it in the hands of people — individuals, families and neighbourhoods.”

“If you elect a Conservative government on 6 May, we will:”

  • Give you the right to sack your MP, so you don’t have to wait for an election to get rid of politicians who are guilty of misconduct.
  • Cut the number of MPs by ten per cent, and cut the subsidies and perks for politicians.
  • Cut ministers’ pay by five per cent, and freeze it for five years.
  • Give local communities the power to take charge of the local planning system and vote on excessive council tax rises.
  • Make government transparent, publishing every item of government spending over £25,000, all government contracts, and all local council spending over £500.
  • We will change the economy
  • Gordon Brown’s economic incompetence has doubled the national debt, given us record youth unemployment, and widened the gap between rich and poor.
  • Unemployment is still rising, and this year we will spend more on debt interest than on schools. We need to get our economy moving.

“If you elect a Conservative government on 6 May, we will:”

  • Cut wasteful government spending so we can stop Labour’s jobs tax, which would kill the recovery.
  • Act now on the national debt, so we can keep mortgage rates lower for longer.
  • Reduce emissions and build a greener economy, with thousands of new jobs in green industries and advanced manufacturing.
  • Get Britain working by giving unemployed people support to get work, creating 400,000 new apprenticeships and training places over two years, and cutting benefits for those who refuse work.
  • Control immigration, reducing it to the levels of the 1990s — meaning tens of thousands a year, instead of the hundreds of thousands a year under Labour.
  • We will change society.
  • We face big social problems in this country: family breakdown, educational failure, crime and deep poverty. Labour’s big government has failed; we will help build a Big Society where everyone plays their part in mending our broken society.

“If you elect a Conservative government on 6 May, we will:”

  • Increase spending on health every year, while cutting waste in the NHS, so that more goes to nurses and doctors on the frontline, and make sure you get access to the cancer drugs you need.
  • Support families, by giving married couples and civil partners a tax break, giving more people the right to request flexible working and helping young families with extra Sure Start health visitors.
  • Raise standards in schools, by giving teachers the power to restore discipline and by giving parents, charities and voluntary groups the power to start new smaller schools.
  • Increase the basic state pension, by relinking it to earnings, and protect the winter fuel allowance, free TV licences, free bus travel and other key benefits for older people.
  • Fight back against crime, cut paperwork to get police officers on the street, and make sure criminals serve the sentence given to them in court.
  • Create National Citizen Service for every 16 year old, to help bring the country together.

Name and Address: David Cameron, Conservatives, 30 Millbank, London SW1P 4DP

Now, I don’t know about you, but by looking at this he and his government have broken the terms of this contract and as such should be sacked and thrown out of office, as clearly they had no intention of keeping their promises at all. So come 2015 I would suggest that everybody uses their vote and gets rid of them – for good! After that they should all be tried at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for Crimes against Humanity! 



  1. Well Done, talk about Cameron shooting himself in the foot!! Will be shared far and wide babes I Love You babe xxxxxxx Proud of you xxxxxxx

  2. Not only a minor breach but a fundemental breach of what he promised! In some cases he has even gone in the opposite direction! No one would expect every promise to be fulfilled but a reasonable stab at it must be the very least we should expect. I paid money into National Insurance which was ring fenced for my pension and should I fall ill. They have done away with incapacity benefit so I get no financial help for food, medical costs, heating and school uniforms. He is in breach of contract and I want my money back. This would not be allowed if a contract with a commercial company or a private individual so why should the government be allowed to flaunt contract law and move money into pet projects with no accountability or transparacy? The lid is off the box now and the people can see how they have been Royally shafted by the current political system and the greedy, out of touch, self serving morons at Westminster can be seen with their snouts stuck in the trough of the public purse.

  3. Hear, hear…Cameron’s fateful words – quote ” So this is OUR CONTRACT with you. I want you to read it and – If we win the election (2010) – use it to hold us to account, if we don’t deliver OUR side of the bargin, vote us out in five years’ time”.

    Your wish is OUR command. For WE the PEOPLE WILL hold you and your coalition government to Account. And yes we will vote you and your coalition government OUT of government in 2015 and thats OUR cast iron GAURENTEE.

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  6. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Remember Camerons “contract” to the electorate way back before the 2010 election? Remember how he reneged on it? Well then also remember his promises dont count for shit when it comes to the 2015 election next year.

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