Joey Barton: #BenefitStreet Residents Should Have ‘Breeding License’

This is exactly what the government wants, so they can carry on and get away with what they like while we all argue amongst ourselves.

Same Difference

Controversial footballer Joey Barton has sparked a Twitter storm after saying the stars of Channel 4’s Benefits Street should be banned from having children.

Barton, who plays for QPR, sent a string of shocking tweets saying residents should only have kids if they get a licence.

In a tirade of tweets on the social network site, he wrote: “Strong evidence to support the breeding licence theory. What chance do these kids have?

“World is f****d sometimes. Surely you should have to pass a test or at least show you are capable of looking after kids. Surely?

“They don’t even keep their own homes clean. I didn’t grow up in the best place but people cared about their homes and the way they looked.

“These people don’t give two f***s. Pile rubbish up in the street. Houses are manky.

“They expect the council to sort everything for them. Clean the street…

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