LETTER WRITTEN To Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, Regrading UK Gagging Law. Written & sent 29/01/2014.



His Excellency Ban Ki Moon

UN Secretary General

United Nations Organisation

United Nations Plaza

New York NY USA

Your Excellency

REF: Transparency of Lobbying Bill in the UK, A.K.A, the “Gagging Law”


The link above refers to a post by a person named as Vox Political on wordpress.com, otherwise known as Mike Sivier. He has just posted that this bill is soon to become LAW in this country and as a result charities and campaigners will not be able to hold this government to account for its policies. In other words, democracy is now dead in this country and freedom of speech and freedom to protest is now over.

They are also planning to use water cannons against peaceful protestors if they do decide to organise a protest. It will not be long before the riots that we had here in 2011 will escalate into a full CIVIL WAR and MARTIAL LAW will be imposed. If you do not believe me then please follow the link above and read it.

For the sake of all the people of the United Kingdom, we implore you to help to stop another Holocaust on the scale the Nazi Party implemented during World War 2. Between January and November 2011, 10,600 people died because their benefits had been stopped due to what is known as the WCA or Work Capability Assessment. The figure today is nearer to 31,000 and by the time of the General Election in 2015 it could be as high as 60,000 or even higher.

If we, as a people are not allowed and are prevented from holding this government to account, what will happen next? State-sponsored murder!

We hope and pray that as Secretary General of the United Nations, you will read this letter to you and to not to dismiss as the ramblings of just one person. When Raquel Rolnik came over to discuss the “Bedroom Tax” or Spare Room Subsidy, she was attacked by this government for the simple reason is that she exposed them for what they were doing.

Yours faithfully

Joshua & Elizabeth Christian


9 thoughts on “LETTER WRITTEN To Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, Regrading UK Gagging Law. Written & sent 29/01/2014.

  1. Lets see what comes back praying that the UN can intervene for the People of this Country, Blessed Be. Thank you babes for writing and posting this Letter. 🙂

  2. I would like to see the source for the figures of the number of people dying becuase of benefits cuts. Where did these numbers come from? If it is true, then that is shocking. Even so, 60,000 people over 4 years is hardly on a par with what the Nazis did in 4 years.

    • That may be so but consider this: There are around 6.3 million unemployed people in this country and around 6.7 million people who are underemployed, making 13 million people in total. These are the people that this government are going after to get rid of them by labelling them as “scroungers”, including the low-paid underemployed. These figures include the sick and disabled and terminally ill. For information go to http://www.blacktrianglecampaign.org, http://www.dpac.uk.net. I could name many more but unfortunately there is not enough room. If you have Facebook, look for DPAC, Black Triangle, ATOS Miracles to name a few.

  3. Well done guys, wish I’d thought of that. As a uk citizen I’m appalled and ashamed of the wholesale damage being done to our society and Country by this unelected coalition. There actions are reminiscent of the Fascism which was rampant in Germany prior to the start of WW11, the marginalisation and divisions they have created in UK society in pursuit of largely meaningless selfish political ambitions means the the divisions thus created are now deep seated and close to being permanent. I do hope your letter will be actioned.

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