Press Release from Sheila Gilmore MP: Statistics watchdog slams Iain Duncan Smith over benefits figures

IDS will just ignore them as he usually does.

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Published with thanks to Sheila Gilmore MP.

Work and Pensions Select Committee member Sheila Gilmore MP today welcomed a letter from the UK Statistics Authority that described figures published by Iain Duncan Smith’s Department as ‘potentially misleading’ and questioned their status as ‘National Statistics’.

The figures relate to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), the benefit which provides support  for people who cannot work due to a health condition or disability. Since it replaced Incapacity Benefit in 2008, data from the Department for Work and Pensions has shown that, of all claimants declared as ‘Fit for Work’, one in ten are subsequently awarded ESA after a formal appeal.

However research by campaigners suggested that the number of Fit for Work decisions and successful appeals have been artificially suppressed. This is because figures that supposedly showed the number of people awarded benefit immediately after assessment and before ANY appeals actually already…

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IDS Moves to Combat Church Attacks on Welfare by Redefining Child Poverty

Up to their old tricks as usual by saying child poverty doesn’t really exist.

Benefit tales

David Cameron has moved to combat church leaders’ attacks on his welfare policies by agreeing a redefinition of what constitutes child poverty and introduce new measures to combat it.

In what is certain to prove a hugely-controversial policy, it is reported that the prime minister has given work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith the green light for the reform, over-ruling some objections from ministers said to include chancellor George Osborne.

Duncan Smith originally proposed a change in the way child poverty is calculated more than two years ago but his proposals have been bogged down in a review and internal cabinet battles, with fears they would be seen by Labour as a way of artificially lowering figures.

The government promised to end child poverty by 2020 but has no prospect of meeting the target so, critics claim, is ready to “fiddle the figures”.

The recent attacks on the government’s…

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Man who was too ill to attend fit-for-work interview but terrified of losing benefits dies after Atos test

This proves that ATOS are and always were unfit for purpose.

Benefit tales

CHARLIE McGARVEY’S seriously ill brother Terry, 48, attended his Atos assessment and then had to be taken to hospital where he died the following day.

A SERIOUSLY ill man died hours after he was hauled into an Atos fit-for-work assessment.

Terry McGarvey knew he wasn’t well enough to attend the hearing. But he was terrified his benefits would be stopped if he didn’t turn up. He dragged himself to the assessment but had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. Terry, 48, died the next day.

His brother Charlie, 50, said: “He said he felt terrible and didn’t think he could leave the house. But he was worried they’d take his benefits away if he didn’t go. When he went in, he sat down with a young woman who started asking him questions.

“I pointed out that he needed an ambulance, not a medical.  They put us into a…

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The end of patient confidentiality as NHS information is sold to insurers

This is how the government want to control us. DON’T LET THEM!

Vox Political

Americanised healthcare: It is appropriate that the only appropriate image I could find features dollars instead of pounds - because it is clear that the Tory government is changing the NHS into an Americanised insurance-based service. Americanised healthcare: It is appropriate that the only appropriate image I could find features dollars instead of pounds – because it is clear that the Tory government is changing the NHS into an Americanised insurance-based service.

Confidential information on NHS patients has been sold to insurance companies who used it in combination with information from credit rating agencies to identify customers and “refine” their premiums – increasing the costs of policies for thousands of customers, despite all the Tory-led government’s assurances to the contrary.

According to the Daily Telegraph, “a major UK insurance company… was able to obtain 13 years of hospital data – covering 47 million patients.

“As a result they recommended an increase in the costs of policies for thousands of customers last year.”

The revelation comes only days after plans to sell the confidential medical information of every NHS patient in England were put on hold…

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Please Complete This ESA Survey

I urge everyone who has been on ESA or is on ESA now to fill in this survey and then to tell others to sign it as well. PASS IT ON!

Same Difference

Spotted here. Posted in the interests of viralness.

We all know that ESA is broken. We look at the volume of appeals and their success rate, the inaccuracies and untruths in Atos reports, the stress and hardship, the small numbers getting work, and it all says ESA doesn’t work. 

But the flaws are deeper. It’s not just that the assessment is poorly applied or that it’s too strict, it’s that the whole system is set up on flawed principles.
Now is the time for us to say that. The cross party Work and Pensions Committee has opened a review into ESA, and they want people to submit evidence.
Spartacus will be responding, but as ever we don’t want to say what a few people think. We want to know what YOU think. You can help us by completing our survey here would seem that Atos will be removed from the equation. Both Labour and now…

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Today my fiancée and I received this in the post after sending a letter to David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General.

Letter from 10 Downing Street




From The Direct Communications Unit

13 February 2014


Mr Joshua Christian

48 Octavia Hill



 SO22 4QU

Dear Mr Christian

Thank you and Miss Feeney for contacting the Prime Minister. Mr Cameron very much appreciates you taking the time and trouble to get in touch. I hope that you will appreciate that as the Department for Work and Pensions is best placed to respond to the matters you raise, I am forwarding your letter to them so that they may reply to you directly.

Yours sincerely

Correspondence Officer