Man who was too ill to attend fit-for-work interview but terrified of losing benefits dies after Atos test

This proves that ATOS are and always were unfit for purpose.

Benefit tales

CHARLIE McGARVEY’S seriously ill brother Terry, 48, attended his Atos assessment and then had to be taken to hospital where he died the following day.

A SERIOUSLY ill man died hours after he was hauled into an Atos fit-for-work assessment.

Terry McGarvey knew he wasn’t well enough to attend the hearing. But he was terrified his benefits would be stopped if he didn’t turn up. He dragged himself to the assessment but had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. Terry, 48, died the next day.

His brother Charlie, 50, said: “He said he felt terrible and didn’t think he could leave the house. But he was worried they’d take his benefits away if he didn’t go. When he went in, he sat down with a young woman who started asking him questions.

“I pointed out that he needed an ambulance, not a medical.  They put us into a…

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