An Open Letter To Michael Gove

There are two kinds of teachers – those that are born and those that are made. This one was born to be a teacher. Each teacher in this this country is worth ten Michael Gove’s and more. Such a tragic loss.

Same Difference

I’ve just come across this on Facebook. I know and love several teachers, which is why I am sharing it.

This is first and foremost shared as a tribute to Gareth Utting and to all special teachers who make a difference.

But, this being a disability blog, I feel I must explain the very small disability link in this post.

That is that I know there are disabled teachers in England. The NUT has a special group and seat for them. There must also be many teachers who are parent or family carers of disabled children.

I have to wonder- how many of them are facing this level of pressure? We haven’t heard their stories, but through sharing this letter, hopefully we can stop them having stories like this one to tell.

29th April 2014

Dear Mr Gove,

I am writing to inform you of the death of Mr Gareth…

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