I found this on my wife’s facebook page from Charles Loft. Thanks for finding this Charles.

I have emailed Ed Miliband and sent this Nick Clegg and the Daily Mirror.

We HAVE to get this across Facebook and the UK ASAP. Something we all NEED to know. The Conservatives wish LIMIT the use of human rights laws to the very most serious cases. The use of the new law would be limited to cases that involve criminal law and the liberty of the individual, the right to property. So many welfare abuses would be immediately struckĀ out by courts. It would be impossible to contest the vile IDS in the courts. So glad I found this. As always, the Devil is in the detail. Our supposed ‘rights’ would be totally meaningless mostly as we WOULDN’T be able to act to try to uphold them. Page 6 news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/03_10_14_humanrights.pdf.

It would be a Human Rights Charter for the very wealthy and NO-ONE else.

Here is the document itself: