The Prostitute State: How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought by Donnachadh McCarthy

I found this earlier from a friend of mine on Facebook . His name is Donnachadh McCarthy, who has written a brilliant book called The Prostitute State: How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought. The book is self published by Donnachadh and is a revealing insight into how broken our political system is and how it can be changed, but he needs help in getting the word out there as he doesn’t have a marketing agent. I’ll let him explain in his own words:

“Anybody fancy helping?

I self-published (with the help of over 100 very kind friends who helped crowd-source it) The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought six months ago.

This week I sold the 400th paper copy (and 75 ebooks), which has more than covered the cost of self publishing and started to pay for the 3 years I spent writing it.

The feedback from many many of those who have bought it has been wonderfully positive.

I was wondering if anybody is able to help me market the book in any way, I would be really grateful?

1/ Do you know of an organisation or group who could invite me to speak about The Prostitute State?

2/ Could you tell your Facebook friends about the book? They can buy the paper or ebook versions direct from

3/ Do you know of somebody influential that you could send the book to?

4/ If you know of somebody who cannot afford to buy the book ( eg students,environmental activists, unemployed etc) , could you tell them to email me and I will send them the ebook version for free

5/ Could you or someone you know write a review of it for any publication you know of who might be up for it?

6/ Do you know of any journalists who might be intereted in writing about the book or the various aspects of our democracy’s corruption that it exposes and could you approach them for me?

7/ Any other ideas that you have that could help?

I had intended spending the last 6 months promoting the book (as self-published there is no publisers marketing manager to help!) but instead spent it helping co-organise Occupy Gandhi, Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week and getting arrested 5 times whilst protesting peacefully at Occupy Democracy.

This happened because I was asked to speak at launch event of Occupy Democracy in October along with Russell Brand and Nataly Bennett and whilst sitting on the tarpaulin afterwards, got caught up in awful police kettle of the peaceful protesters and so I joined them…

But now that the 6 monthly pre-election Occupy Democracy protests in Parliament Square are over, I wanted to get back to getting the book out there as much as possible.

Whilst my dream for the book was for it to inform people about how The Prostitute State works before they voted, the book has real relevance even after the election as it will explain where and why the Liberal Democrats went so badly wrong, how the corporate lobbyists are pulling our new Tory government’s strings and how The Prostituted Media is the real issue facing the Labour Party’s leadership election.

But most importantly it exposes in full detail the systemic corruption which has invaded almost every aspect of our democracy and proposes some constructive actions we can all take at the end.

Big thanks for reading this and any help however small you can provide and to all those who have helped in so many ways already!

with love
Donnachadh x”

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